22Our approach to weight loss is not ‘one size fits all’. We believe that each person’s weight issues are unique to them and caused by a unique set of problems. Hence each weight loss program is tailored to each individual.

We use a wide variety of weight loss approaches but our main one is our corner stone wellness medically assisted weight management program that involves two meal replacement shakes, supplements, and tailored diets.

As we age our hormones it is inevitable that or hormones stop producing at their optimal level. With over or under producing. In many cases this can have a direct effect on our weight. B healthy also does hormone testing and adjustment for those individuals who have imbalance in hormone that results in unhealthy weight gain or weight loss.

Mesotheraphy is also offered to our clients who are interested in weight loss which is the use of injectables such as vitamins, minerals,to sculpt away unwanted, stubborn fat from difficult areas of the body, such as, the belly, inner thighs, and arms.

Our weigh management program is not singularly a weight loss program. It also assists weight gain for athletes, body builders, underweight persons and persons recovering from an illness and hospitalized persons with nutritional challenges.

All our diets and weight managements programs come with a qualified trainer who will train you according to your weight management needs/plans.

This procedure is injected in the muscles to temporarily reduce wrinkles, crows feet and frown lines to give the skin a younger, healthier appearance. It is used primarily in the upper face.

This method of procedure is used to reduce wrinkles and fineness and reduce the appearance of aging. Hyaluronic acid is used in this process which is a natural substance produced naturally by the skin. It makes the skin moisturized, softer, and voluminous .Hyaluronic acid natural production in the skin is reduced as one age which results in fineness and wrinkles. Therefore, by injecting fillers, it helps to restore that youthful appearance that has been lost.

It can also be used by younger persons to prevent fine line and wrinkles, thus slowing down the appearance of aging.

Using IV vitamins and minerals increased energy, increase skin hair and nail restoration, assists in weight loss, treat hangover, removes toxins from the body.

Corrects Skin tone
Some IV medications also have cancer fighting properties


Sclerotherapy is a method of therapy of removing spider and reticular veins. This is done through the use of a solution that irritates and causes the blood vessels to disappear. It is pain free with very little side effects as appose to other older techniques.

33We have a variety of ways to treat hair loss (alopecia) and/or promote healthy hair growth. Our methods involve nutrition, supplements, and stem cell therapy used in conjunction with Microneedling.

11Pain Management
This has to do with the management of all forms of chronic and acute pains. The method of therapy requires the use of stem cells and growth factors. It has been proven that This method can be curative.

It can be used for; arthritis in small or large joints, sports injuries such as tendon ruptures, tissue healing, bone tendon cartilage and ligament regeneration and repair, promoting development of new blood vessels and stimulating the wound healing process.

Hormone imbalance testing and replacement.
As we age, we go through very stressful events or experience some types of illnesses. Our bodies may stop producing hormones at the optimal level to promote good health. This can have many negative effects such as unwanted weight gain or loss, depression and other mood disorders, infertility, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, sleep disorder hair loss etc.
By testing the hormone production levels and restoring them using only natural sources we are able to improves a patient’s general wellbeing.

This involves the use of different solutions to remove the upper layer of the skin, thus promoting new skin cell growth. Some types of solutions include glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, and the revolutionary VI peel which is completely painless.
We are able to offer medical grade chemical peels . This type of peel has a more dramatic effect as it goes much deeper.
– Chemical peels are used to treat a wide variety of skin concerns
– Reduce fine wrinkles
– Reverse sun damage
– Treat certain types of acne
– reduce age spots

Microneedling also called collagen induction therapy is a skin rejuvenation procedure that uses small needles that make microscopic wounds that causes the skin to create new collagen that will last years. This results in the reduction of scars, stretch marks, improved skin elasticity and reduced pores.

Traditionally, microneedling is done manually, however; we use the rejuvapen which is completely mechanical and enables the user to have more control over depth of needling and prevents scarring.

Stem cell and growth factors can effectively treat injuries by promoting cell growth and repair. This feature is used in conjunction with microneedling to promote new cell growth and collagen production.

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