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Dr. Damian Gordon, is a locally born and raised Antiguan. He obtained his initial medical training in Medicine in Cuba. Upon graduation with honors he obtained a degree in human Medicine. He later traveled to Tortola (BVI) the birthplace of his father, where he did a fellowship in endoscopy for one year.

As an individual who is always seeking growth, he decided to travel to the United kingdom, where he continued studying thereby obtaining international registration to practice medicine.

He returned to the land of his birth in 2010 where he worked as a general practitioner for both public and private medical institutions. In 2011, he decided to step out of the mainstream box and focus on the virgin economic opportunity of health tourism. He has since then built a successful concierge company providing healthcare and healthcare related services to the tourism sector.

Having two elderly parents who suffer with a variety of chronic ailments have caused Dr. Gordon to search for modern medical solutions to their problems. His goal was to reduce or eliminate their pains and discomforts so that they can get the most out of their remaining years.

His research has led him to a scientifically tested and proven field of medicine called Anti-aging medicine, which uses ground breaking medical technology in conjunction with natural substances, diet, and exercise to prevent, treat, and revert many chronic diseases. He promotes a lifestyle change that can improve ones quality of life while aging.

Anti-aging medicine is also closely linked to aesthetic medicine which focuses on maintaining outward beauty.

Outside of his medical career, Dr. Gordon’s main focus is his wife and two sons. He is also an avid amateur photographer.

Company Overview

B Healthy – Wellness and Weight Management Center is pioneering wellness and weight management in Antigua. Our priority is to make you healthy, beautiful and happy.

Our highly skilled staff has the knowledge and expertise of the latest, cutting-edge techniques in skin rejuvenation, hair restoration, medically guided weight loss, scar removal, IV nutrition, body sculpting, injectables, hormone replacement therapy, pain management and Sexual Dysfunction.* Our goal is to enhance natural beauty and to encourage persons to implement lifestyle changes that will make them age gracefully.

* All medical aesthetic procedures are performed under physician supervision. However, results can and do vary.

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